Today, I would like to give readers some respects considered most when people give review of best air rifle in 2015. In general, the most popular air rifle is gamo silent cat. However, in particular, in each special feature, there is a different name of gun and rifle.

  1. Accuracy

Accuracy is one of the most important features a hunter expecting of their air rifle. A rifle with high accuracy is which has two folds. In small game, the target is small so that it is hard for you to know whether you shoot the target accurately or not, especially when the distance between hunter and the target is far. Moreover, if the senses of critters are keen, it is much more difficult.

If the rifle or gun of you is not accurate, your mood and the game also will surely be ruined. Moreover, if you shoot the wrong target, other animal might be alarmed and run away. If the animal you are hunting is small and gentle, this is good; however, if they are dangerous, you even might get in troubles.

  1. Fierce humanity

Even if you are a hunter; you should do everything with high humanity. I would like to kill my target in a human way. Many people think that hunter consider kill an animal as a very easy way. In fact, they are human, they do not consider kill animals assuming. A hunter who does hunting humanly is the one to kill any animal in a painless way and without suffering from any long term pain.

For the mentioned above reason, when a hunter shoot the target, he should shoot correctly in a deathful point so that the target can kill immediately. For instance, hunters should shoot at the target heart or head to ensure that this animal not to suffer from long – term painfulness.Continue reading

Being a mountaineer in future is a dream of many children over the world, though most of them are boys.

  • Children think that it is extremely adventurous to climb up a high mountain with rough and tough rocks on the surface. It is not like you walk up the hill. Climbing the mountain is much more thrilling and excited to players than hill climbing. For this reason, mountaineers are required to train more than other outdoor activities.

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In categories of mountain sport, there is a sport named mountaineering. What you need to do in this sport is climbing a mountain. People who play mountaineering are mountaineers. This mountain sport is quite new to almost all people. However, people actually play this sport long time ago but they just give it a simple name “climbing mountain”. We both know that mountain is much bigger than a hill and also much rougher. It means that a mountaineer has to train much more than a hill climber.

Truly saying, climbing up the mountain is so common to everyone since it was very tradition. At first, people did not consider mountaineering an adventure sport. They think that mountain is living areas of many people; as a result, climbing up and down the mountain every day is essential requirement of people. However, when people move to the lower areas such as valley and delta, everything changed a lot. Nowadays, in many countries, mountaineers have to have several qualifications to be able to take part in this game. I would like to give you an overview of qualifications for mountaineers in US and UK

  1. Walking group leader

This qualification is given to the leader of a group of mountaineers. It is not easy for a mountaineer to become a leader of ta group.

  1. Mountain leader award

This is more than a qualification. It is an honor to the leader of a mountaineer group to show the respect to the leader with his achievements.

If the two above qualifications are given to leader of a group of mountaineers in summer conditions, the followings qualification is given in winter conditions.Continue reading

Not only student, children but also everybody always wait for summer to enjoy best vacations with friend and family. Beach is one of the most popular entertaining places during summer, especially when the weather is extremely hot and awful. Many people enjoy sport activities under water like Cuba diving, swimming and many other outdoor sport activities.

Water makes people feel great in hot weather. However, it is easier for sport players to get sick when they play on the beach. The sunshine on the beach is extremely dangerous with high ultra – violet and more. Particularly, parents need to be really careful when they allow their children to go out on the beach. First, if parents let their children out of their eyes, many dangers of the sea are waiting for them. Secondly, children’s resistance is not as good as adult; as a result, it is easy for them to get sick and need special caring. Therefore, in summer, many people choose to hit the mountain instead of going to the sea.

The weather in high terrain is cooler than that in delta areas. Even in some mountains, you can enjoy snow of winter during summer. Moreover, in some other areas, there is four seasons in one day: spring in the morning, autumn and summer during the day and winter at the night. Is anything greater than that? One more advantage of hitting the mountain is that the expenditure is less than that of going to the sea with whole family. Last but not least, the variety of mountain sports is as good as that of water sports on the beach or in the sea. Now, I will introduce you most popular mountain sports for you and your family to enjoy in summer vacation.

  1. Mountain biking

Bike and biking are so popular with every person that they got used to bike and biking since they were children. However, when you ride a bike on another more adventurous terrain, you will have other feelings. If you are the type of person who always prefer to riding buy wandering everywhere without a destination, I think mountain biking is perfectly suitable for you. Riding a bike on mountain is not similar to riding a bike on the road of your downtown, it is another story. Mountain biking allows you to train your endurance and reach your limit which you haven’t met yet. Which I like best about mountain biking is its ability to raise bike riders’ ambition. The higher I already reach, the higher I want to continue to reach.Continue reading

Every body’s childhood is attached to the memory of ridding three – wheel bike and falling down from the new two – wheel bike. I remember the first time I rode a bike; I almost crashed into my mother’s food stall and got some rockets. However, this memory is great. When I drove my bike fluently, I felt like I triumphed the greatest achievement in the world. This memory also marked my first maturity.

Things have changed a lot. Children now do not experience the same things as their parents did. They often spend time on the couch playing video games with friends and enjoy fast food like pizza, hamburger, and fried chicken wings of KFC and so on. Life is so easy for them; as a result, they do not have much power and ambition to do anything that seems a bit adventurous. This is the reason why many parents encourage their children to take part in mountain biking.

Mountain biking is a very popular mountain sport. Each mountain bike riders have to overcome a lot of challenges on the road to the top of the mountain. People who play this outdoor sport get a lot of benefit for not only their health but also their mental development. Moreover, along the road to the finish of the bike riding, riders can explore the beauty of nature as well as breathe fresh air. Though people talk a lot about bike riding, not many people know about the history and some other things of this sport. Today, I will give you a chance to explore nine interesting facts of mountain biking.Continue reading

Someone said that you did not bleed meant that you did not have a good ride mate. This statement might make a lot of beginners in mountain bike riding feel confused to continue and lose their enthusiasm. Nevertheless, it is unable to deny that mountain bike riders experience a lot of excitement and passion. Bleeding is one of the most common requirements of a good mountain bike riding routine. Even though, for people who have passion for mountain bike riding, it seems extremely difficult to quit this sport. Now, I will introduce some reasons to make mountain bike riding one of the most favorite adventurous sport.

  1. Development of necessary hormones

Adrenaline is a hormone that is released from your body when you feel scared and horrified. Mountain bike rides brings cycling in general into a new level of sport. Good endurance seems to be the only requirement of cycling, whereas a mountain bike rider needs much more than that. Mountain bike riders are required to have a lot of skills and techniques to tactfully deal with challenges being tackled during the racing road.

  1. Exploration of your limit

If you ask a professional mountain bike rider how many time he wanted to give up. The answer surely will make you extremely surprised. The number of times he wanted to give up might be thousand and more. However, what makes professional mountain bike riders continue with their full of challenging career? It can be the exploration of new limit. There are a lot of difficulties mountain bike riders have to face on the racing road. At the time when they are facing challenges, they have to choose whether to give up or continue facing the unexpected difficulties on the following routine. The decision they made is what bring them to new achievement or to losers – hood.Continue reading